by Notice to the Builder

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If you do no wrong
You've got nothing left to fear
They whisper in your ear
But if you do alright
You'll be out of sight
And you can disappear

But this isn't life
More like a switch-blade knife
Cuts deeper by the year
And time won't heal
What isn't real
“We're with you all the way”

So they chant their mantras
The noise of the sound bite
Is loudest in full flight
But there's no theory
No coherency
No clear strategy

They lost their voice
When we stopped listening
To all the bleating din
No freedom fighters
Just overnighters
In this for their own ends

Spark it up!
Mark it up!
Never gonna be enough!
They always play to win

Live it up!
Screw it up!
Get up to the top
Theirs is the biggest sin

Shoot it up!
Snort it up!
Cannot ever be enough

I spy Politicos


released June 6, 2015
Written, recorded and produced by
Notice to the Builder
Recorded at Stewie B's
Copyright © Notice to the Builder 2015
CC License: Attribution Non-commercial
Creative Commons license attribution:
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Notice to the Builder Southampton, UK

Look out! Here comes the sonic juggernaut that is Notice to the Builder. James, Leigh, Kurdt, Paul & Charlie bring their diverse musical influences to bear on a unique Southampton sound. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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