Apology Girl

by Notice to the Builder

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Apology Girl was written after watching season 2 of Breaking Bad, and reflects the essence of the show - actions, reactions, coincidences and consequences. It ends with Jane's traumatic death, while Mr. White looked on....
The title and cover art are from the Super-Hero drawing Jane put under Jesse's door after a row


Apology Girl

There's a pulse
Riding through the trees
Gliding through the sea
Flows through you and me
On a breeze

There's a nerve running through the earth
Linking creatures of the deep
To the elephants the birds and the bees

Then it happened
The ground shook
And my house of cards came down
As it happened
I fell into you

There's some love
Floating through the air
Grab it if you dare
Embrace it, pass it on
With a prayer

A wise man told me
“Everything we do
Comes with consequential glue
That there's consequential glue
Binding everything that we'll ever do”

Should we watch just one sunrise
Or strive to live another day?
This is freedom
This is all I need to say

Then the sky turned black
I felt the rage of your God
Pulverise my soul
Were you standing there
As she gasped for air?
I was so ripped up I don't know
I don't know

Apology girl
Apology boy


released February 26, 2015
Cover art: Naomi Varndell
Written and produced by
Notice to the Builder
Recorded at Stewie B's
Copyright © Notice to the Builder 2015
CC License: Attribution Non-commercial - Share alike
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